1. Trust your instincts
    04 Oct, 2016
    Trust your instincts
    How do you know when your child is seriously ill? At what point should you seek medical advice? These are the questions I’m asked most often by parents attending my courses. Babies and young children have immature immune systems that are exposed to lots of bugs in the early years, especially when they start nursery and school. Most children who see a GP are not particularly unwell – but the symptoms of serious conditions are often quite general and hard to spot. One difficulty is specific
  2. The Fear of Choking
    04 Oct, 2016
    The Fear of Choking
    Fact: many parents are so worried about the possibility of their baby choking that they are reluctant to introduce lumps or finger foods into their baby’s diet. I should know – they told me themselves. It’s also a fact that babies and young children are more vulnerable to choking because they have a smaller windpipe (about the same diameter as a drinking straw). They are also more vulnerable because they are learning how to chew and swallow, and because they put everything in their mouths